About the test

In 1921 the very first edition of the Rorschach® ink blot test, appearing under the name of Psychodiagnostik, was published by Ernst Bircher . Hans Huber was an employee with Ernst Bircher and it turned out that Dr. Rorschach and Hans Huber spent many sessions together perfecting the construction and actual printing. Hermann Rorschach was not only from Switzerland, but spent quite a lot of time in Bern , where he worked in the Waldau Psychiatric University Hospital.

In 1927, Hans Huber founded his own publishing house and he purchased Psychodiagnostics out of the inventory of Ernst Bircher. Since 1927 Hans Huber has been the publisher of what became world famous as the Rorschach®-Test and the related book Psychodiagnostics.

Waldau Psychiatric University Hospital

Even today, each reprinting of the plates themselves requires great attention, and is done on what can now only be regarded as ancient equipment, which is carefully maintained exclusively for this purpose, so as to maintain a virtually identical reproduction of the originals. Even the weather has to be taken into account, and if it is too humid, or too dry, the printing process has to be rescheduled.

The test itself, as well as the book, are too well known to require any detailed commentary here, and indeed some experts estimate that in the entire field of psychology no other single creation has been the subject of a greater number of scientific papers. It is also likely that no other psychological test has been administered to more millions of people throughout the world. We continually strive to maintain the quality of this valuable instrument for the innumerable practitioners who currently rely on it as fundamental technique, and also for those who will utilize it in the future.

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